Welcome to Dietrich’s Chocolate & Espresso

There is a wonderful aroma when you enter the shop  along with a visual festival of chocolates of all sorts.  The smell of chocolate permeates and if breakfasts are also being prepared it is a marvelous blend for the senses…

To order chocolate, please call our store and we can take your order over the phone and charge to your credit card. Shipping and handling are not included in the prices.

The   Easter Parade has begun at DIETRICH’S!

        Come  and see the variety of  chocolates

                            and   BUNNIES!



Washington Park Profile – People of South Denver article featuring Erich Dietrich

Read the article about Erich Dietrich in the People of South Denver section in the Washington Park Profile. Erich answers questions about the shop as well as growing up and being a part of the family business.